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We grew up with parents who said good morning to the plants in their pots, feeding them with fertilizer and make sure that their neighbours water the plants when they were away from home. We were inspired by this love when we started developing Green Zebra BioStick ™. We thought about what we could do to keep the mothers, fathers and friends happy who check their flowers every day and get sad even if they notice a fallen leaf.

As Turkey's first biotechnology company that produces enzymes, we have found a formula that will bring joy to the flowers in your home!

The purpose of Green Zebra BioStick ™ is to revitalize your hobby or decorative plants that beautify your homes, balconies and gardens. Rejuvenate their soil, protect the plants from diseases and help them get all the nutrients they need. Green Zebra BioStick™ contains completely NATURAL beneficial microorganisms that are found in the soil of your plant but decrease over time, environmental effects and depletion. It can be considered as a kind of "plant probiotic". In order for your plant/flower to grow healthy and absorb nutrients, it is necessary to have beneficial bacteria in the soil. But since potted plants remain in the same soil for a long time and chemical drugs are used, biodiversity of their soil gradually decreases over time.


Green Zebra BioStick ™ increases the density of the roots; increases the yield of flowers, vegetables and fruits up to 2 times NATURALLY! It protects your plants against fungus and moulds with NATURAL IMMUNITY without using chemical drugs.


Stick, water and witness the difference!