Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is this product, what is the purpose of it?

A: It’s concentrated plant probiotics. Bacteria it contains protect the plant from diseases and improves the plant’s immunity.

Q: How many products are there? What are their purposes?

A: There are 2 types of products.

1. Root Grow develops a symbiotic relationship with the plant’s roots and makes it easier for the roots to absorb minerals and nutrients. Also it triggers the release of growth hormones which make the roots grow stronger and denser. This whole process lets the plant yield more flowers and fruits naturally.

2. Guardian develops a symbiotic relationship with the roots of the plant and prevents infestation. This eliminates the need for using chemicals to prevent infesters.


Q: How long is the product lasts?

A: 1 stick lasts for 1 month.

Q: What happens after a stick is depleted?

A: If your plant has achieved the development you desire after 1 month you can stop using the product for 3 months. If you think the plant needs to develop more, you can remove the depleted stick and replace it with a new one for another month.


Q: How is it used?

A: It’s very easy to use. Take one stick out of the package, stick it vertically in the pot of the plant and then water the plant regularly.

Q: Will the stick stay in the soil?

A: The stick should stay in the soil during the period it’s being used.


Q: What are the payment options?

A: Payment order or credit card payments are available.


Q: Is the product suitable to be used with all kinds of plants?

A: Yes. The product is suitable for all kinds of hobbies or ornamental gardening plants.


Q: Does it contain any toxic chemicals?

A: No. It doesn’t contain any chemicals.


Q: Is the product safe?

A: The products are completely safe in terms of human health, environment and nature.


Q: Is it toxic in case pets ingest it?

A: No. It is not toxic to pets even in case of ingestion.

Q: Where is the bacteria it contains?

A: The bacteria is located at the bottom of the stick, in the area with holes.

Q: What are the working principles of the product?

The active ingredient, which is contained at the bottom of the product in the part with holes, slowly dissolves with water and passes through the soil. The natural process between the bacteria and the roots starts as the active ingredient reaches the roots.